Fresh Music Fridays: 19/10/18

In this week’s Fresh Music Friday, SURG writers take first listens to local girl gang Body Type, Melbourne new-wave heartthrob Candy, and a tearjerker from power collab Troye and Jónsi.

“Ludlow (Do You Believe In Karma?)” — Body Type

Patrick: Reflective lyrics on heartache and self-depriction help to guide a track that starts off as a walk and in time becomes a flat-out sprint. Dreamy chords and a more downbeat ending leave me wanting just a little more.

Rhea: What a fucking great voice and instrumental and everything. Doesn’t really develop but kinda just sits in its dreamy ~ sadboi ~ groove and that’s what makes it good. Great opener to their EP.

Hektor: Coming out with a new self-titled EP, Body Type nail a fantastic blend of indie style vocals and melodic guitar licks. A great track.

“Validation” — Candy

Patrick: In the best of ways this track feels like waking up early in the morning: fresh and uplifting. It works repetition to it’s advantage and won’t be leaving my head any time soon.

Rhea: Wish the song was as interesting in its first minute as it was in the first 10 seconds. They’re a good 10 seconds. The big mood lyrics and doubled vocals are great but oh, I’m tired of it!

Hektor: Candy provides an interesting lyrical concept and gels it with layered harmonies and an almost 80s Britpop set of vocals and drums. An interesting listen for anyone looking to return to the early 80s and experience The Style Council again.

“Relevation” — Troye Sivan & Jónsi

Patrick: Like the film it scores, ‘Revelation’ articulates stark bleakness before transforming into a sound that promises freedom. Sivan’s gentle but powerful voice is heavily complemented by slow piano and reverberating cymbals; a string arrangement ends the song like a revitalising exhale.

Rhea: Not sure how much I care for this track. Good work with tender ambience @ Jónsi and Troye but THERE’S MORE TO POST-ROCK FUSION THAN BIG EUPHORIC WHOOSHES BEFORE EVERY CHORUS. But that’s just me — let me believe it.

Hektor: Troye Sivan and Jónsi come up with a song that almost sounds like a Bon Iver track like ‘Holocene’ with a higher production value. Slow, melodic, with a heavy focus on the piano lead, ‘Revelation’ is a song that brings out the strong points of Troye’s vocals, a good listen.

Tune in next week for our next Fresh Music Friday!