Fresh Music Friday: 27/10/18

In this week’s Fresh Music Friday, our three favourite ladies: Vera Blue, Hatchie, and Robyn.

“All The Pretty Girls” — Vera Blue

Lawson: A smooth yet boring radio friendly tune from Vera is almost dissapointing after her snyth heavy debut album that encaptured Australian triple j listeners. Her vocals as always flawless but this song just isn’t enough to make you cry.

Sally: I’ve really adored Vera Blue from her Celia Pavey days from The Voice back in 2013, however this song doesn’t do her vocal range or her other songs justice. The song structure and the layering of vocals, harmonies and the drum beat seem too deliberate and predictable. Admittedly the chorus is catchy and the repetition of “you make all the pretty girls cry” makes it a definite earworm, but nothing much more than that.

Holly: Loved the instrumental in the first 5 seconds but as soon as the clicking and vocals kicked in I was underwhelmed. This track just doesn’t have the same energy and star power that Vera’s associated with, especially in the verses. The chorus is fun and boppy, and guaranteed to get stuck in your head, but it just doesn’t have the goosebump-inducing quality I expected from Vera.

“Adored” — Hatch

Lawson: “Adored” continues Hatchie’s beautiful beachy guitar pop that fills you up like the summer sun. “Adored” is another glorious tune released as a apart of an Adult Swim series. Hatchie knocks it out of the park.

Sally: Although Hatchie’s dreamy, Cocteau Twins-esque sound remains blissfully the same, “Adored” lacks the punch that previous songs like “Sure” and “Try” have had on me. The intro, while familiar in its use of guitar and synth felt a tad too long and lacked the musical clarity of her previous hit singles. Having said that the layering of her voice and the male voice in the beginning of the song is something that could be further developed and helps thicken and ground the otherwise airy song.

Holly: Absolutely loved (adored haha!) this track. Hatchie manages to hit the balance between hopeful and heartbreaking in this track and I’ve had it on reply since the release. The chord progression is nothing new but Hatchie has managed to make this track entirely her own – huge fan!

“Ever Again” — Robyn

Lawson: Highly atticipated Honey by Robyn has finally arrived including the highlight “Ever Again”. With a grooving bassline Robyn strips it back but still provides her signature feels.

Sally: I have always personally thought that the saddest songs are the ones that aren’t sad until you listen to the lyrics properly. “Ever Again” is just that. One of those songs that you think is a real bop when you hear it on the radio – volume on full blast with your windows down. First glance, it’s a brilliant synth pop hit with colourful sounds and an 80’s pulsating beat. But listening to it again by yourself on your rainy commute home you realise Robyn’s airy, dreamy voice is pleading to a lover against breaking her heart.

Holly: Controversial opinion but I don’t love this song. There’s nothing specific that I dislike about it but I feel like it just could’ve gone so much further.

Tune in next week for our next Fresh Music Friday!