Fresh Music Friday: Tones and I, Ngaiire, Flume

Rhea Thomas, Rory McHugh and Amelia Raines share their thoughts on three new singles from some of Australia’s hottest artists!

“Bad Child” – Tones and I

Rhea: This was good while it lasted but now, I’m over it…

Amelia: This one’s a no from me. No hard feelings.

Rory: Classic bop for ‘white-girl wasted Saturday’s. Prepare for instagram captions and an onslaught of algorithmic Tik Tok domination.

“Boom” – Ngaiire

Rhea: Her voice is slippery dip, silky smooth, but where the heck are the peaks?

Amelia: Silky vocals draped over a well-crafted beat, this is one you can chill to – I rate it!

Rory: Follows in a ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ Rihanna vibes for post-break up blues that will definitely penetrate charts

“The Difference” – Flume feat. Toro y Moi

Rhea: Dynamic! Layered! Kinda reminds me of the early days Rudimental?

Amelia: An easy listen courtesy of Toro y Moi, blended with Flume’s contagious beats – it’s exactly what you’d predict a Flume and Toro y Moi lovechild to sound like.

Rory: Great, classic evolution of Flume’s sound. This is definitely going to be a club staple for the next couple of months.