Fresh Music Friday: Valley, Curtis Damage, El Tee

Fresh Music Friday is back! After a brief hiatus, Ruairidh McHugh, Jacob Shteyman and Almo Kabital combine forces to review three substantial tunes from Valley, Curtis Damage and El Tee.

‘nevermind’ – Valley

Ruairidh: The 1975 jump out big time! Get ready for this to be put on a bunch of ‘vibes’ playlists.

Jacob: Infuriatingly catchy, Valley are back with their poppiest and saddest song yet.

Almo: Somebody is bound to play this during a sunset drive near the beach.

‘What You Need?’ – Curtis Damage

Ruairidh: Lazy beat, good bars that seems to be here one minute and be gone the next.

Jacob: Even though the song only runs under 2 minutes, Damage packs a lot in, laying down his unrelenting flow without pause over producer Balance Cooper’s bass-heavy beat.

Almo: Bumpy but doesn’t stand out in the modern day. There is a plethora of like sounding tracks.

‘Everything Is Fine’ – El Tee

Ruairidh: A husky-voiced, laid back vibe that sounds like it belongs in the end credits for Twin Peaks: The Return.

Jacob: A brooding, smouldering song that suggests everything is not fine.

Almo: I feel like I’m listening to Mazzy Star (without the reverb). Enshrouded in self reflection. Definitely something I could study to.