Local Student Shocked as Music Recommendations in Group Chat Continue to be Ignored

Commerce/Law student and resident music wanker, Joshua Bloggs, has come to the shocking realisation that nobody really cares about what he has been listening to recently. As of 3:48pm last Thursday, assurances from participants in the group chat promising that they’ll “check it out later,” have been met with zero followup. 

The conspicuous lack of conversation regarding Joshua’s recommendations has revealed the doublespeak of his “friends” to be nothing more than feeble attempts to not hurt his feelings. 

In an interview with SURG, Joshua expressed his confusion with the situation:

“I just don’t really get it. I’m the tastemaker of the group, you know,” He explained.

“I’m trying to share some of the baller music that I’ve come across with my friends, and it feels like they’re not really giving me a chance. It’s the death of art.”

A notorious lurker from the group chat responded to this comment with the following:

“I honestly couldn’t care less about the new type of Krautrock or whatever he puts in the chat,” the lurker, who wishes to remain anonymous, told SURG.

“The main purpose of the chat was to organise hangouts and encourage each other’s emotional, and professional (Linkedin) growth. I feel the situation has only really gotten out of hand ever since he discovered Arctic Monkeys. Look, I get that he’s only just starting to develop some sort of music taste, but I honestly couldn’t care less about what he sends.”

Screenshots of Bloggs’ Spotify listens, that have been shared anonymously with SURG FM, depict Bloggs listening to what seems to be a concerning rotation of The Beatles Sgt Peppers’ and Tyler the Creators’ Igor, of which we can confirm to be in fact a recent development. Emerging rumours regarding the creation of a new group chat without Joshua cannot be confirmed at time of reporting. 

More to come.

James Wily
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