U Stay On My Mind

Artist Spotlight: jnr.

jnr. emerges as an unstoppable force, proving his versatility in new single, ‘u stay on my mind’

  • jnr. is a fresh Sydney/Eora artist producing poppy yet melancholic music.
  • Latest Track: U Stay On My Mind
  • Sounds Like: The 1975, Half•Alive, Breakfast Road

Spelled j-n-r full stop, and pronounced ‘junior’, jnr. is one of Sydney’s most rapidly growing artists right now. His discography, which is full of hits worthy of the dance floor and ready for the radio, has recently gotten one song bigger with his latest and sixth single ‘U Stay On My Mind’.  

This brand new track sees jnr. branch out in his musical style with its vibrant, electronic energy. ‘U Stay On My Mind’ has everything you need, with a peaceful acoustic intro, a driving bassline to keep you going, and emotionally captivating lyrics that keep you bopping for all of 3 minutes and 10 seconds. 

In an interview with SURG’s very own ‘UNI TUNES’, Ben, the voice behind the name of jnr., called the track the most “organic” and “authentic” expression of his music. In fact, despite Ben expressing the song’s novelty in style and genre, ‘U Stay On My Mind’ is actually one of his oldest songs he’s written, now drawn out from the archives and released in a form that was unexpected even for its progenitor. Indeed, the value of jnr.’s music is that it is excitingly expansive, and ‘U Stay On My Mind’ is a truly fitting addition to that trend. Even the artist himself expressed, “I am living in the fact that I don’t know what my sound is, and I’m really embracing that.” 

The jnr. discography has seen 2 other singles come out this year. In February, we were treated to the sonically and lyrically iconic ‘I Didn’t Know Myself (Before I Met You)’ and in April we witnessed a collaboration with JËVA resulting in ‘Cruel’. Watching jnr. grow as an artist and expand his horizons in new and exciting ways in 2023 has already been a fantastic experience, and it is exhilarating to anticipate what else the year has in store for jnr. 

As promoted by Triple J, if you like The 1975 then you ought to check out what jnr. has on offer, starting with his new single, ‘U Stay On My Mind’. jnr. has masterfully crafted this song, so don’t miss out on streaming it right now!

Be sure to snag tickets for SURG’s upcoming event, UNI TUNES: Live at the Metro to see jnr. perform his music live and be interviewed on stage, before your very eyes!

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