Boot Up Your PC’s The World’s First Online Nightclub Opens TONIGHT

In these most uncertain of times, the music industry has been hit harder than most with ubiquitous cancellations leaving artists, event organisers and ancillary staff everywhere out of work.

While there is no replacement for the pure, undiluted ecstasy of a live event, in recent days the momentum behind moving events online has created a surge of streaming events popping up online.

Leading the charge are a bunch of friends out of Sydney who have started up the “world’s first online nightclub,” Room 2 Radio.

The event, kicking off tonight at 8 PM is wherever you have good connection to internet.

It will be curated by the internet personas Bart Ender – who’ll be serving up virtual libations – Venué Managé – who’s helping out with any technical difficulties – and Seccy Roomtwo – who’s there to make sure everybody keeps it friendly on the chat.

Patrons will be encouraged to stream it through the TV, turn the lights off and connect the stream to their biggest speakers to really bring the nightclub atmosphere to their living rooms.

The team are also promoting the #myRoom2 hashtag so that revellers can get in on the social aspect of the event.

With the inaugural line-up featuring a strong selection of Sydney DJs including Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs, Honeypoint, and Hyfe, the Room 2 Radio crew are putting the Sydney music scene on notice.

As of 6:30pm EDT, over 1k people responded as ‘going’ to the event with another 2.4k interested. In other words, it’s gonna be huge.

I’m amped for it, and if it’s successful, it may prove to be the first of many successful Livestream events that will help keep the music community going while it’s under pressure from the global pandemic.

These are uncharted waters we’re sailing into, but if we enter them together we have a better chance of coming through on the other side unscathed. I mean, surely good tunes are in the interest of public health too?