Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over Miley Cyrus’ Cover Of ‘Heart Of Glass’

A week on from the iHeart Radio Music Festival, Miley Cyrus’ performance is still a trending topic – and people are either really loving it, or really hating it. 

Featuring a lineup including BTS, Keith Urban and Migos, the event livestreamed performances from both Los Angeles and Nashville complete with a virtual audience. Cyrus struts her way on stage with an alluring aura of confidence. The familiar electronic disco beat of Blondie’s 1979 hit ‘Heart of Glass’ plays, but once Cyrus belts out the opening line and the lights come on, it clear that she’s not on stage to do a Debbie Harry impersonation.

Cyrus’ voice is deeper, grittier, and a lot louder than the dream-like vocals of the Blondie original. There’s no denying that her stage presence is captivating. With a bleached blonde mullet, red lips, sheer Mugler bodysuit, sparkling eyeshadow and matching jewellery, it’s hard to take your eyes off the singer as she transforms the disco song into a rock anthem that has everybody talking.

The performance has already amassed almost 14 million views across TikTok, Twitter, and Youtube as well as garnering a demand from fans for Cyrus to release a rock album.

Even Debbie Harry herself took to twitter to show both her and the band’s loved the instantly-iconic rendition. 

Many were surprised that Cyrus had the vocal chops to pull it off – but it’s no secret that the ‘Midnight Sky’ singer has the range to do so. Her cover of ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High’ by the Sheffield rock band Arctic Monkeys during her MTV Unplugged set in 2014 proves this, with drummer Matt Helders stating it’s his favourite cover of their songs. 

However, not everyone is loving Cyrus’ take on the Blondie classic. Some felt that she was not worthy of performing the song, specifically taking aim at her departure from the disco-pop vibes of the original. But, like, isn’t that the point of a cover: to take a song and turn it into something completely your own? 

Others, although supportive of Cyrus’ take, were unimpressed by the fake audience cheers that were added to the performance.

After a non-stop campaign from fans – which even saw UFC fighter Julian Marquez promise to make it his walkout song – Cyrus has finally dropped her ‘Heart of Glass’ cover on all streaming platforms.   

And if you have good taste, you’ve probably been listening to it non-stop already.

Check out the cover on your favourite streaming platform here.