Frequently asked questionS

Q: how do i become a member?

It’s easy as! Just purchase a membership at our online store – or at any of our live events – and you’re in!

Q: what do you broadcast?

SURG creates all sorts of digital broadcasting! Primarily we focus on Podcasts and Digital Radio, however we also write articles and create videos.

Q: What TYPE OF shows do you broadcast?

There are three broad labels for our shows:

Brekky/Drive: these are like the ‘faces’ of the SURG broadcast team – think the names and faces you know and love on your fave broadcaster, they’re likely the drive hosts.

Specialty: These are our ‘niche’ shows scattered throughout the broadcasting day, on whatever you want – movies, music, theatre, books, art, advice, ethnic and multilingual shows, etc. etc. etc.

DJ slot: We have a strong DJ community at USYD, and partnering with DJ Soc (and local Sydney artists) we invite DJ’s on to our late-night slot to mix some fresh sets every week.

TL;DR: We broadcast anything and everything, and there’s a time slot for you here at SURG.


Q: How do i get a show?

It’s as simple as pitching your idea to us whenever we are having our presenter call-outs at the start of each university semester.

If you miss out on the semesterly deadline, you can pitch your ideas to us at any time via our pitch form.



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