Fresh Music Friday: King Stingray, The Rions, Say True God?

Fresh Music Friday is back with some heavy hitters for Semester 2, all for your listening pleasure. Miya Sywak, Harry Gay, and Alexandra Dent will be reviewing a track off King Stingray’s highly anticipated debut album, The Rions’ first single of 2022, and Say True God?’s newest hit.

Malk Mirri Wayin – King Stingray

Miya: I love this track, very reminiscent of Zambian psychedelic rock! Totally niche but the celebration of Indigenous language, as well as the groovy instrumentals, make it worth a listen.

Harry: Fresh off their appearance at Splendour in the Grass, King Stingray released their fifth and latest album yesterday, the self-titled King Stingray. The album features 11 tracks, with ‘Malk Mirri Wayin’ being the ninth one. The song is a romping, lively punk tune. It reminded me, weirdly enough, of ‘Ça plane pour moi’ by Plastic Bertrand, with similar sounding guitar riffs and vocals. I loved this one and will definitely be giving the rest of their album a listen!

Alexandra: Describing themselves as ‘Yolŋu Surf Rock’, King Stingray presents a vibrant track incorporating both Western and Indigenous instrumentation. The punchy introduction and pulsing bass line provide the groundwork for a lively and colourful track. With the hypnotic drone-like vocals of Yirrŋa Yunupiŋu, ‘Malk Mirri Wayin’ is a track that is unforgettable and incredibly easy to headbang to (this said from experience). The searing, distorted guitar lines and strong backing vocals introduced in the chorus make for a banging track that I imagine will be played at any and every summer gatho.

Anakin – The Rions

Alexandra: Hailing from the Northern Beaches, The Rions’ spacey sound perfectly captures the feeling of a summer night spent at the beach. Welcoming what appears to be an early summer (fingers crossed), their newly released single ‘Anakin’ coincides with much anticipated warmer weather and a gradually emerging sun. Grounded in dreamy instrumentals, Noah Blockley’s velvety voice expertly navigates the track, resulting in an instant hit. The quartet comes together in the chorus with its catchy lyricism and driving drums, this one is an easy addition to a beach tunes playlist!

Harry: Not the most original sound I’ve heard. ‘Anakin’ sounds not too distant from the stuff I would listen to when I was going out at 15 and coming of age – underage drinking, weed smoking and all. This makes sense as their website cites influence from Arctic Monkeys. Their sound is very unspecial, in my humble opinion, a mishmash of generic radio-friendly sounds, which also makes sense why they won triple j Unearthed High in 2021 and also cite Lime Cordiale as an influence. I’m giving this one a miss. NEXT!

Miya: Mid. Honestly good background song but also base-level indie, sad bit tunes. Mid.

Underdog – Say True God?

Harry: This song has a hard bassy sound, fun instrumentals that sound like they’re playing on a harpsichord, and clever lyricism. As the title indicates, this is an aggressive but triumphant hype song, full of little sound bytes of boxing ring bells and a chorus of bellowing chants. Right at the climax, however, it suddenly changes shape and transitions abruptly to a soulful, albeit short, moment of soulful heavily autotuned singing that shows off a different side of the artist. A good track to blast in the car at full volume.

Alexandra: With its incredibly brash and confident sound, ‘Underdog’ is the product of Brisbane rapper ‘Say True God?’. Introduced by a dynamic and forceful horn sample that gradually crescendos to greet the first verse, ‘Say True God?’ clearly understands the importance of layering and the development of various motifs. Whilst this isn’t the sort of track I’d find myself listening to, it certainly makes for an excellent hype song. Its high-energy sound and bold lyricism certainly classify it as the ideal pre-night-out tune.

Miya: Very much eshay-core, sadly I do not understand the full extent of the Aussie drill movement but this is a decent submission. Soon the eshays will take over the world!

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