Fresh Music Friday: Mulalo, Mia Wray, Ivoris

Hello and welcome to Fresh Music Friday: Blast from the Past, where Harry Gay, Kat Porritt-Fraser, and Niamh Elliott-Brennan are time travelling to last Friday to bring you what (were) the hottest songs of the day. On the line today we’ve got our favourite Current Affairs host Mulalo, the girl with the evidence Mia Wray, and fairy queen Ivoris.

Tracy Grimshaw – Mulalo

Harry: A really fun and electric track, Mulalo brings in a distinct voice into the rap scene, having hailed from Melbourne and filling this with references to Australiana. The title made me giggle with the album cover featuring the artist in a mock ‘Current Affair’ get up.

Kat: This is amazing, I am obsessed, my brain will not let me stop listening. It honestly just gets better and better the further in you listen. Will 100% be listening to more Mulalo.

Niamh: I knew this song was a hit the moment I heard the line “when I shake my ass, / it’s going to wake up Jeff”. Mulalo’s flow is incredible, the beat goes hard, but most importantly, this track is joyous and witty and will make you laugh.

Evidence – Mia Wray

Kat: What a chorus! In love with how powerful and versatile her voice is – I do wish the production was fuller and the melody a little more captivating in the verses, felt like there was room for a little more! But still a very good song to jump up and down to in your room.

Niamh: Mia Wray is both your ethereal princess and your vengeful rockstar, and the intertwining of those two things results in an absolute banger of a song. There is something for everyone here – skillful lyricism, stunning vocals, a dark driving beat, and an angry, righteous chorus – and I cannot stop listening.

Harry: Felt very inspired by early 2010s Lorde and Charlie XCX, with its low register and dark electronics erupting into all out yelling. Reminded me specifically of ‘White Teeth Teens’.

Tobias – Ivoris

Niamh: I love this track – it’s bouncy and fun, the strings feel almost cheeky, and Ivoris’ vocals are so beautifully light. It feels effortless and sweet; like the musical embodiment of having a picnic in a forest with fairy bread and your loved ones.

Harry: A mix of fairy-core, tiktok edgy nursery rhyme remixes and hip hop. A strange eclectic concoction that somehow works.

Kat: Storytelling! Strings! Sentimental! This is so sweet and special – you can hear all of the attention to detail and delicate layering paying off and making this song sound so organically ethereal. Food for the imagination methinks!

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