Fresh Music Friday: Ngaiire, Safety First, KIAN ft. rako, goyo & DALI HART

On this beautiful Friday, Zoe Biggs, Miya Sywak, and Callum Nathan are taking you on a journey through the hottest tracks released this week. From R&B and future soul to classic Aussie indie rock to some sweet ‘n’ funky pop, we’ve got it all over here on Fresh Music Friday.

F.U. – Ngaiire

Miya: Very much better than Adele. But as someone who zoned out the lyrics, it was quite sad… but what mess is she cleaning up after fucking 👀. Don’t mind me, I’ll just zone out and listen to the gospel music coming down from these angelic voices. Amen.

Zoe: I could listen to Ngaiire all day. Her vocal control is insane – Ngaiire makes all of her runs and octave jumps sounds so easy, and listening to her is an absolute delight. Despite its title, this track is clearly about self-reliance and forgiveness of those who hurt or leave you. My favourite moment happens about 30 seconds in when Ngaiire sings “I’m gonna need a light, and a second pair of eyes” – the minor crunch is just chef’s kiss. There’s a gospel element to this track too, with Ngaiire’s inclusion of chorus singers, and this adds to its invigorating message and moving delivery. My final take – I can’t believe this track was left as a b-side on Ngaiire’s album, this is one I’ll be playing and singing along to for the next while.

Callum: Firstly. I’ve never heard so many F-bombs in a track so if there’s a radio edit, I’d very much love to hear it. However, it is very much a self-healing anthem. I’d probably expect to hear this on a post-breakup or even on a breakup playlist. Other than that a chilled track and something I’d probably have on late at night if I’m trying to sober up or relax after a long day.

Diary Entry – Safety First

Zoe: The intro to this track reminds me of a mixture between San Cisco and Spacey Jane. Overall groovy, and I found the combination of the vocals and lyrics to be quite endearing. My personal favourite line (because honestly, it’s so relateable) was “all my plants are dying”. Safety First definitely fits into the Aussie indie rock scene. Did this song blow me away? Not really. But is still a good track and I’m excited to see what more’s to come from Safety First.

Callum: It is very Triple J. Or even Double J. It’s one of the two. But it speaks to the social insecurity of the world. Scrolling through a phone, addicted to our screens, etc. All of us at some point have probably been addicted to and chased those likes, and this song sums that world up perfectly.

Miya: The true Aussie indie classic of writing songs with relatable themes which cross in and out of cringey lyrics. Personally, as soon as phones and scrolling are mentioned, I’m out. But the cruise guitar solo and punchy bass made it! Definitely a sad girl moment, XOXO Gossip Girl.

Come Through – KIAN ft. rako, goyo & DALI HART

Callum: Ever had a feeling that you need to vent to someone, but no one is listening? Or you want to talk to a friend and you can’t get the words out? I feel that’s what this song speaks to. I feel that KIAN wants a friend, and the world isn’t giving that. It’s also very pop-esque so I wouldn’t be surprised if this track works its way into commercial radio at some point.

Miya: The simple beat and repetitive melody create the perfect recipe for the perfect pop song – and that’s what this is. Lo-fi with words, not that it’s a bad thing! The featured rap and verse from rako, goyo and DALI HART adds some interest to what is, overall, a chill song that is quite forgettable… someone had to say it!

Zoe: I loved this track. It was just overall a lot of fun – smooth production (Willie Tafa’s influence definitely showing) and awesome features. KIAN’s indie-pop vocals fit really well alongside the bilingual rap (Korean + English) from 1300 members rako, goyo and DALI HART. Sure, KIAN’s hook – “won’t you come through so we can talk about the things that’s on my mind” – was a little repetitive, and it would have been cool to see a bit more range from him on later repetitions, but the slightly laidback vibe I assume KIAN was going for was definitely achieved. Overall, very groovy track which makes me excited to listen to the whole EP “Shine”.

(Editor Niamh: Just wanted to quickly profess my love for 1300 and say they are the most talented + innovative + exciting collective in Australia at the moment, their songs ALWAYS slap – stream Foreign Language.)

But wait… there’s more! Due to a bit of miscommunication on my part, the lovely Zoe accidentally reviewed an extra song for this week, so here’s a special little tidbit for you guys:

Hey – phoebe Go

Zoe: The soft piano, picked guitar and Phoebe Go’s (aka Phoebe Lou) alt-pop lilt make this track easy listening. It seems this new solo project from Lou has taken much more of an acoustic, folk-like direction than the dream-pop and electronic elements of Two People and Snakadaktal (which Lou fronted). What does remain is Lou’s attention to storytelling. Written in response to her cousin’s passing, this track is simultaneously drenched in grief and hope. There is a sense of seclusion in Lou’s vocals over the steady instrumentals, but it’s the peaceful kind. This is definitely a simple track, but the delicate strength of Lou’s voice shines and I think the lyricism is quite beautiful.

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