It’s an exciting week here for Fresh Music Fridays, as Harry Gay, Matt Forbes and Iggy lead us on a journey through tracks hot off the presses: some highly anticipated Rex Orange County, a funky 80s tune from Alex Cameron, and a dash of debut grunge-rock from the Mysterines.


Matt: As someone who’s always wanted Rex Orange County to be a little more direct with his songwriting, his recent output – this track included – has been somewhat of a step in the right direction. It’s a real shame, then, that the instrumental here is so lifeless, especially since Rex’s talents have previously been most apparent in the dazzlingly colourful arrangements he can cook up. In the end, the best thing this has going for it is a slightly off-kilter string line, which adds a solid sense of character to an otherwise inconsequential track.

Harry: This track was serving dance vibes, good beat I can’t help groove to. The lyrics kind of juxtapose the fun sound of the music. I interpret it as a guy trying to rush a girl into a relationship, saying they can go slow or not rush “if you want it” but still insisting anyway. Almost like he is forcing this consensual acceptance of the relationship or backing her into a corner, making it seem like her decision when it’s not.

Iggy: It’s honestly good to see Rex Orange County finally exiting his era of just making Tyler, The Creator influenced tracks and finally working for himself. IF YOU WANT IT is a fairly basic but catchy track but I appreciate how dominant the drums are and I honestly appreciate the diversion from the neo-soul basics.


Matt: Another fine addition to the pantheon of catchy and shamelessly schlocky pop tunes that is Alex Cameron’s discography. I’m absolutely loving those horns that show up towards the end, and I wish we heard more from them! Admittedly, this track does reaffirm my feeling that Alex’s music has lost a bit of its charm ever since it became more grounded, both production-wise and lyrically, but his writing is still sharper than just about anyone else aboard the 80’s pastiche train.

Harry: Sounds straight out of the 80s. Has op shop vibes in that I associate this sound with browsing in a Vinnies or Salvos in the best way possible.

Iggy: Alex Cameron is back with a new album!! And a funky track we’ve got here. Efficient use of the saxophone and guitar here and we’ve got an honestly memorable track here for the old musician.


Matt: A pleasant but standard alt-rock track that I’m sure would hit a whole lot harder if I heard it being blasted from a stage at some sunny, alcohol-filled outdoor music festival, rather than from my laptop while I did today’s Wordle. That being said, I don’t think this is the kind of song that would leave much of an impression on me in any given scenario. The vocals are pretty killer though.

Harry: My favourite song out of the list. Reminds me a lot of Best Coast. I think I’ve found a new obsession in The Mysterines.

Iggy: Frankly I didn’t know The Mysterines before this and I think they’ve produced a pretty standard indie rock track here. Good for them but I hope they develop their sound in the coming years.

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