Left to right: The Weeknd, Kissing Cars, Blusher, Ariana Grande

FRESH MUSIC FRIDAY: The weeknd + ariana grande, kissing cars, blusher

from international superstars to melbourne pop trio & underground sydney band, fmf round 2 is here! presented to you by archie wierum, bella rough & niamh elliott-brennan

Following its TikTok revival, ‘Die For You’ is a favourite from The Weeknd’s 2016 album Starboy. This collaboration is precedented, following Grande’s feature on The Weeknd’s 2021 ‘Save Your Tears’ remix.

Die for you (remix) – the weeknd & ariana grande

Archie: When legends convene, audiences rejoice. To have the ethereal sound of Ariana Grande singing alongside the classic vocals and inescapable lyrics of The Weeknd is an absolute pleasure, especially with the slightly altered atmosphere and Ariana’s verse that contrasts the second verse in the original.

Bella: I can’t believe we only got one Ariana whistle note!! I feel like she was holding back here, but their voices work really well together so I won’t complain. Some fun lyric changes for Ariana’s verse, but I do wish it sounded more different than the original to really be a remix. Whilst I do think this song could become a retail worker’s nightmare, I will definitely be singing along when it plays.

Niamh: This remix elevates The Weeknd’s late-night-city-lights sound to another level. Ariana Grande’s vocals as always are angelic, and I could so see this soundtracking the sixth Fifty Shades movie. Definitely an atmospheric track.


kissing cars – radio

Archie: The new single by Kissing Cars, ‘radio’ lived up to its name through the prologue and post-bridge, which contain snippets of radio-esque conversation, something which is always well received here at SURG. As for the musical quality, with its cheeky guitar riff, chilled vocals, and lyrics that reference Mac DeMarco, it deserves only high commendations.

Bella: Very chill, laid-back vibe that feels like something you’d put on before a party when it’s just you and your close friends. The last thirty seconds have a more energetic melody that gets you dancing, ready for the rest of the party to start. 

Niamh: Real 90s/00s soft rock vibes. The lead singer’s vocals are soft and intimate – brings to mind the image of sitting on an old couch, on a balcony somewhere, with someone you love. The instrumental break near the end gives the track some much needed energy, altogether creating a sound that’s very gently optimistic.


Blusher – Dead end

Archie: Blusher’s new single ‘Dead End’ is a fun, upbeat song that’s perfect for a Friday night party. If you enjoy catchy lyrics, great electronic basslines, and a good beat, then this song should already be on your playlist for the weekend!

Bella: I can imagine this song playing on the radio during a summer night drive with your friends. It’s has that upbeat, dreamy vibe of your favourite pop girlies that means you sway along more than jump up and down, but it still puts you in a good mood. It might be a bit formulaic, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This is exactly the vibe you’d want it to be if you’re on the hunt for your song of the summer.

Niamh: Ooft, what a great addition to Aussie synth pop. I’m an absolute sucker for a good caesura and Blusher hits you with one right off the bat. The Troye/Charli XCX influence is so present in the contrast between the upbeat dance instrumental and the vaguely melancholic lyrics, and it’s a formula that hits every. Single. Time. In a genre that can very easily get boring, Blusher have definitely peaked my interest.

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