Pitch Info

So you want to help out with the SURG broadcast in 2019? Great!

How SURG works

We broadcast every day 8AM-10PM from our basement studio in the Holme Building. We broadcast primarily on the iHeartRadio app, which is data-free for Optus or Virgin Mobile customers. You apply for a show, and if we approve your application, you’ll get to broadcast once a week for the rest of semester!

We separate our shows into a few categories: Brekkie/Drive and the rest (music/talk/special interest).


The Brekkie/Drive slots are focused on building a team that will be the face of SURG. These shows are modeled after commercial radio shows like Hamish & Andy, Kyle & Jackie O, Fitzy & Whippa, etc. You can apply to present or produce for these teams, and you’ll be responsible for between 1-3 shows a week.

Music/talk/special interest

We take applications for any idea that you have for a show! From exploring a musical genre, to reading poetry each week, whatever you want to do – if your pitch is strong enough we will take it!. We take DJs / live mixes each night, and leave the more talk heavy stuff for the afternoons.

Working on your pitch

The best question to ask yourself to refine your pitch is “how can I explain this in 5 words?” We’ll be reading these first and looking for shows that are super clear and concise and will be interesting for listeners.

If you can distill it down to this 5-word explanation, you can focus on that during your show, have it in the back of your mind at the start of every mic break, and your show will be 100x better because of it. It’s a noticeable difference that will get more listeners tuning into your show each week.

Define your show, then let us know the fine details. Give us examples of segments that will keep your show moving and fresh each week, guest ideas, and samples of the kind of music you’ll be playing.

The other important thing to start considering, especially if you are struggling to define your idea, is “who is my listener?” Come up with an imaginary listener – who are they, what are they studying, why are they listening, etc. Come up with this, and imagine they are sitting on the other side of the studio during your show – imagine that your show is just a conversation with them. This should really help you flesh out ideas for your show: what would they want your show to be about??

Any questions, message us on Facebook or get in touch via email at info@surgfm.com