Check out our current line up of content for Semester 2, 2023! We have a combination of podcasts and live broadcasts. If you’re interested in broadcasting or podcasting with SURG, just DM us on Facebook or Instagram


The Rabbit hole

Monday 10 – 11

Host: Senjay Turner

THE RABBIT HOLE is a radio show in which a guest will join Senjay every week with a song in mind that they love / want to share. After that, I’ll pick a song that the previous song made me think of (whether that be the vibe, a moment in my life, or any way that this next song has popped into my head). We’ll play that song and then hand it back to the guest to pick another song that MY song choice has reminded them of and why.

Together we will head into the Rabbit Hole!


Walk Me Through That

Monday 5 – 6

Host: Georgie Curtis and Kat Porrit-Fraser

We’re Georgie and Kat, self-proclaimed kings of the ‘self-development’ section and Brene Brown stans, ready to share our body of wisdom (or not) with the world of USyd campus. Once a week, enter our joint-consciousness as we energetically (and non-linearly) justify our hot takes on life, dating and the chaotic decision-making of our everyday lives to each other. Think USyd love letters but way too much psychoanalysis, crossed with the rant your best friend gives you at 2am!


C – Sides

Tuesday 8 – 10

Host: Alex Vardanega

Inspired by the pirate and community radio channels of my childhood (Rinse, Nts radio, Flex FM), C-Sides is the go to show for the latest in what the Sydney electronic scene has to offer. The show aims to both introduce new people to the underground electronic/rave scene as well as being a show to find new music and events going on in Sydney.


60 Minutes

Tuesday 10 – 11

Host: Zander Czerwaniw

Between two classes on a Tuesday I run to the studio and do 60 minutes of broadcasting on whatever topics are big in the news or culture that week.


Tuesday 11 – 12

Host: Andy Park

Together we will uncover the hidden gems in Korean Indie Music! Music is universal and so long as we are open to new things, language is not a barrier in the slightest. I love Korean indie music and it was catalysed by my discovery of a band called Jannabi. Cultural Appreciation and Immersion! Vibes! Eargasms!

It’s going to be o.k.

Tuesday 12 – 1

Host: Olly Kierle

Join Olly Kierle for your dose of indie/rock/folk anthems, perfect for:

– drowning your mum out whilst she reiterates her concerns on the legitimacy of your degree

– running a nice hot bath on a Tuesday lunchtime because you’re unemployed

– having a sedentary drive to a first date that will either end in disappointment, embarrassment or the toppling of a part of local capitalist infrastructure


MUMS (Making up Movie sequels)

Tuesday 1 – 2

Host: Tom Hetherington-Welch and Will Torney

We will be talking movies and pitching the most unhinged sequels to your favourite (or least favourite) movies.

Moe’s art brigade

Tuesday 4 – 6

Hosts: Alexander Murray, Jeroen Speckmann & Jaz Judd

Moe’s Art Brigade is your point of call if you need creative ways to revolutionise the education system, convince strangers you are a national geographic photographer or tune in for a mix by our resident DJ Jeroen. With a ranged network across the three of our lives, we will bring on a fresh guest/s each week to share the mics and join our discussion. For the love of people and the excitement of embracing their chaotic child self.

What the Fandom?! (w.t.f?!)

Wednesday 10 – 11

Hosts: Maysa Sarkis

Have you ever been so hurt by someone drawing your favourite character wrong, you decided to give them poisoned cookies?
If your first reaction was WTF… you’re at the right place.
Welcome to W.T.F?! more formally known as What The Fandom?! A live show for anyone curious about the weird and wild world of fandom!

UNI Tunes


Hosts: Fynn Ferdinands and Archie Wierum

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and listen around once in a while, you could miss the wealth of hidden musical talent, shrouded just beneath Sydney’s surface. Join Archie and Fynn on UNI TUNES, the weekly show where they interview and showcase Sydney’s freshest local artists.





Wednesday 2 – 3

Hosts: Misbah Ansari

BLOB seeks to share the stories of QTBIPOC poets, artists, musicians, sculpture artists who navigate through the hauntings of language. Coming from history of colonisation to the so-called Australia, people have interesting nuances about what seems ghostlike to them. Happy music to the tunes of sitar can be someone’s idea of ghosts, whereas techno love songs can sound gory to another. BLOB will be the exploration of poetry, art and other artistic expressions! Artwork by Isabella D’Silva 

The Pick

Wednesday 5 – 6

Hosts: Nicola Weiss and Victoria Gillespie

What happens when a cynical pessimist and a self-proclaimed ‘silver lining’ realist start a radio show? You get the worst people to be hosting an advice show. Join Vicki and Nicki on Thursdays at 1pm, as they discuss their listeners’ issues and problems, providing advice that should definitely be taken with a grain of salt, whilst they discuss their views on all things pop culture, ranging from news to music to movies. Tune in for all this and music specifically curated for each week



Cartoon Caption Contest Club-Cast​

Thursday 11 – 12

Hosts: Patrick McKenzie and fellow illustrious exec

CCCC-C will, much alike the name of the club suggests, tackle the content of The New Yorker magazine’s weekly cartoon caption contest, suggesting captions and using deep deep description to bring the storied form of the cartoon into the luxurious embankments of audio. Expect an hour of razor-sharp quips, eloquent musings and curiosity-piquing tangents on the finer points of cartoon’ed humour. But that’s not all! Week-to-week Patrick will be joined by fellow illustrious exec and society members to discuss all things New Yorker. Think discussions of this week’s issue, favourite articles of all time, live readings and maybe even an interview or two if anyone replies to our incessant emails! Dw we will also play thematically relevant(?) music to space out the dialectics.


The Bella Club

Thursday 2 – 3

Hosts: Bella Rough and Bella Salier

Imagine… a world without Bellas and… their opinions. Well, you don’t have to! We are Bella and Bella and we have a lot of opinions – specifically – opinions on movies, tv shows and…well, that’s it. BUT – those opinions are bountiful and plenty, enough to fill an hour of radio time and bring in a sizeable audience.


Thursday 4 – 6

Hosts: Owen Dyne and Jimmy Bonython-Hines

The JNO Radio Show is a celebration of the golden era of east coast Hip-Hop, paying homage to New York’s late night shows which gave a platform to underground artists and groups such as The Notorious BIG, Big L, Jay-Z and Mobb Deep. The JNO Show also explores the inspiration behind some of the greatest producers of the 90’s, playing a range of Soul and Funk from the 70’s.


Thursday After Hours

Thursday Evenings

Hosts: Kevin Jin and Sam Johnson

We play metal, we goof around!
We are the show of USYD Metal Society!!

Bad Education

Friday 10 – 11

Hosts: Niamh Elliott-Brennan

Each week Niamh badly educates people on something they’ve learnt that week. Topics can range from: what is late-stage capitalism, how to grow pot plants, classics badly explained because I’ve taught them and not read them, and medically inaccurate accounts of the body.

Added Time

Friday 11 – 12

Hosts: Alex Glase

Added Time combines the American Sports Radio model and regular music programming. We cover a range of sports and are your go to place for League, NBA and NFL news.


Feel Good Fridays

Friday 12 – 2

Hosts: Callum Sayer

Friday Anthems. A feel good show setting you up for the weekend with what is happening in the Harbour City soundtracked by upbeat feel good anthems to kick off the weekend.


Peace and Love Radio

Friday 2 – 3

Hosts: Jonathan Chalouhi

Each weekly episode has a carefully curated mix of tracks fitting a different genre and vibe from deep house, world music, old hip-hop, nu-jazz and many more. The show focuses on talking a little about each song and getting the listener to know what they’re listening to, but more importantly the name of the song to add to their playlist. Tune in if you want to listen to some good new music, but also to create a community of people with interest in the culture.


Soap in your mouth

Friday 4 – 5

Hosts: Fox & Sean

While we were smashing dumplings we were interrupted by a loud bang. A man on a date dropped rice all over him. And from this day on Soap in Your Mouth was born, a co-hosted show to make people feel better about their every day stuff ups.


Not Like other Girls

Hosts: Jamaica Sy & Daphne Tan

Welcome to Not Like Other Girls, hosted by Daphne and Jamaica! Each week, listen along as we explore worlds of fantasy and romance through our spicy reviews and book summaries as we dissect our sexy, dark, brooding book crushes and the strong-willed YA protagonists who are unconditionally and irrevocably ‘Not Like Other Girls’.


Bus stop book club

Hosts: James Wily and Felix Faber

One lonely day my co-host (Felix “the thrilla” Faber) discovered what is veritably the worst novel to have ever existed. Now, me and Felix have ventured to make the hit novel “Mysterious Occurence” known through a series of dramatic retellings of its awful awful literature. There will be some highs, and mostly a lot of lows, but by god I hope that we all learn something by the end of it.



Hosts: Isabel Formby

Welcome to Isabel Formby’s First Impressions on! Every week I will be set up on a blind date with a mystery guest for your listening pleasure. You’ll hear how our conversations ebb and flow as we gather our ‘first impressions’ of one another.



It’s Not Gibberish

Host: Zander Czerwaniw

Zander unpacks the issues big and small with a range of guests each week. The goal is to have simple conversations that cut through the noise and the jargon.

The Less you know

Host: Charlie Cole

The greatest minds in Australia come together to bring you rambling, boring conversations containing already made observations. The highest quality educational material worldwide. Despite that, this podcast is condemned by almost every actual educational organisation. Waste 45 mins of your life you’ll never get back and take a meaningless trip to the Less You Know Podcast.

Fortune in zodiac signs

Host: Ruby Shin

Everyone usually has a different birth date, therefore their zodiac signs would differ. Every day, every week, every month and every year the horoscopes are constantly changing. I am interested in horoscopes so I usually check the horoscope and get some advice. Every week, through the broadcast, we can tell the students about their fortune for the following week. The fortune is not accurate but just for fun, students might focus on the radio when their horoscope is being broadcast.

Film Fatale

Hosts: Tiana Dupesov + Elizabeth Salamakha
A podcast where we deep dive into some of your favourite chick flicks and tell you why they actually suck. From Sex and the City 2 to The Starving Games, we sit down and expose common archetypes seen in these Hollywood films.


Host: Christine Lai
A funky up-and-coming podcast about newly found music, films, content creation–bringing about a world of entertainment. Tune in if you are a film cinephiles, book-worms but or generally interested in multimedia content and keen on discovering new things to add to your to-watch list, to discuss shows you’re bingeing or find other likeminded people who enjoy talking about x genres.

Review w/ Angus

Host: Angus Barry
I take suggestions from audience and review an album I’ve been suggested and talk about the music but also how it relates to our contemporary context and bring in some humour as well as deepness. I’d like to think it expands the minds of the listeners without being pretentious, it’s very down to earth and loveable….. I hope.