Song review: ‘Getting Closer’ By Yellow Days

UK based artist and professional feeler of feelings Yellow Days has served up some sweet melodies in his latest single ‘Getting Closer.’ Taken from his highly-anticipated fourth album A Day in a Yellow Beat set to drop next month, Yellow Days describes the track as “upbeat existential millennial crisis music” and an “unapologetic ode to positivity and better days ahead.”

Emerging from chaotic radio static and an outward sigh, the verses are dripping in honey-like-goodness and are reminiscent of the 70’s funk of Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye.

“Yeah, its been a long while / since I got out of bed / oh, with a smile… I hear the radio playing tunes / and for once its got a groove.”

While still an undeniably Yellow Days sound, this song takes a step in a different direction from his previous works. His past two albums Is Everything Okay In Your World? (2017) and Harmless Melodies (2016) had a focus on expressing internal anxieties and sharing darker, depressing truths. With this track, Yellow days opts for more euphoric, rosy-coloured lyrical content. The swirling synths and lush vocals create a kind of musical sunshine; a refreshing change from the defeatist attitudes of the chill-pop-sad-vibe playlist fillers that seems to be in every corner of Spotify.

Yet as the song unfolds, what should feel like an anthemic chorus is somewhat reminiscent of singsong-y primary school assemblies (a la this masterful performance). The rise and fall of Yellow Days’ voice borders on a tedious repetition and becomes slightly suffocating in its seemingly forced positivity.

It might be because I listened to the song in between ‘the midnight gospel’ episodes or maybe I’m just caught up in an existential-millennial crisis, but I also found this song as a reminder to be present and appreciate the space you’re in. While it is easy to become comfortable with waves of melancholy, a lot of good can come from directing our energy towards noticing people smile or the grooves playing on the radio rather than the noise in our heads. ‘Getting Closer’ is a gentle nudge that we need to focus on what we want to move towards, not on what we want to move away from.

As a way step out of the thickets of philosophy that I have unwittingly walked into, I can say that this single creates a kaleidoscopic soundscape that calls listeners to have light feet, open arms, and a soft heart.

Check it out on Spotify, or watch the music video here.