Uni Tunes Reviews: The Grogans’ Inside My Mind Tour

Fynn Ferdinands takes us back to the Melbourne band’s vibey set at the Oxford Art Factory earlier this year.

In light of the release of The Grogans’ cheerily cheeky new track, ‘No Thanks (I’m Going Surfing)’, now feels like an appropriate time to reflect back on the band’s recent ‘Inside My Mind Tour’. Celebrating the release of their Ocean Alley-esque single of the same name, Quin, Angus and Jordan hit Sydney’s iconic Oxford Art Factory back in June. The night saw the band spectacularly supported by the 60’s-inspired Bones & Jones, as well as Jet City Sports Club, a band who may just have Sydney’s coolest merch.

After a quick Google search, one of the first things you’ll read about Melbourne’s most exciting band is: The Grogans are three best mates. Before the unique “spacey surf/rock” vibe, their all-too-Aussie origin and a spanning discography, you’ll first learn what most significantly underpins these up-and-comers: friendship. The trio’s gigs are a firsthand testament to this. What truly brings their sand-coated tunes to life is the brotherhood that emanates on stage. From amusing banter to seamless on-stage chemistry, it is not hard to feel you’re in a garage, watching a (much more polished) rehearsal playing out.

With some beach montage-worthy exceptions, The Grogans’ discography is filled with wonderfully easy-going and spaced-out tunes. I crossed a rainbow-clad Oxford Street on June 25th anticipating a more chilled Saturday night. However, the band’s live renditions reanimate their own music with an exciting sense of vigour. Their most memorable tracks, such as the so-cheesy-its-wholesome ‘Lemon To My Lime’, were left oozing with danceability. I earnestly think it may have been the most fun I’ve had dancing at a gig. The band’s merry sounds are infectious, effortlessly sweeping the audience onto their feet.

All in all, The Grogans are a brilliant band. I feel that I am rather late to the party in discovering them, but I can’t wait for what they have in store on October 25th with their brand new album, ‘Which Way Out’. By the end of the show, I’d enjoyed myself so much that I just had to buy a t-shirt, which is probably the clearest indication that it was a very fun night. Of course, as it is with any artists nowadays, you’ll want to follow them on social media if you’re keen to see their touring updates. Next time The Grogans have a show near you, I’d wholeheartedly encourage going if you’re after a guaranteed night of fantastic indie rock music and a quality dance.

The Grogans’ forthcoming studio album, ‘Which Way Out’ is set to be released on October 28th via Cousin Will Records.

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