Fresh Music Fridays: Mako Road, ILUKA ft. Lime Cordiale and Fiona Apple

For this week’s Fresh Music Friday, Matthew Forbes, Patrick Mckenzie, Victoria Gillespie and Amir Pour give their unfiltered thoughts on the latest surf rock track from Mako Road, ILUKA’s collaboration with Lime Cordiale and Fiona Apple’s cover of a classic.

Mako Road – Surfing on Mars

Can’t say this type of lifelessly-sung, reverb-soaked funk rock does anything for me, but there’s a pretty cool groove to be found beneath the track’s hazy exterior. I can also say that the way this track progresses makes it a touch more interesting than the music of a certain Hottest 100-winning Northern Beaches band who I was immediately reminded of on first listen. – Matthew

While a bit repetitive and missing a decent crescendo, the instrumental interlude makes it a funky and chill tune. – Victoria

Although its song title suggests an out-of-this-world appeal, this one is pretty by the numbers: Some funky guitar, a very yell-able chorus, and suitably post-impressionist cover art. Best listened to while drinking $20 for a 4-pack craft beer. – Patrick

ILUKA ft. Lime Cordiale – Mess

Very laid back but upbeat song with relatable lyrics. It’s a complex song with a suitable bridge which will have you singing along in no time. Beware, very catchy chorus!! “It’s Saturday night I’m wasted in a bathroom, alive” now that is a mood – Amir

Mid-tempo with some doo-wop-y keys and plenty of evocative lyrics about drunkedness etc. An anthemic feel that would no doubt please a large Festival crowd somewhere at some point. – Patrick

I’m a fan of those harmonies on the chorus, which enrich what’s already a pretty neat hook. The subtle guitar line that sneaks in right at the end is a great touch too. I just hate that I had to listen to Lime Cordiale today. – Matthew

Fiona Apple – Love More (Originally by Sharon Van Etten)

Updating the original with experimental percussion and her signature melodies, Apple gives us a gorgeous and dynamic cover. – Victoria

I prefer the alluring simplicity of the original, but this cover manages to strike a nice balance between hypnotic and disarming and expertly hones in on the pain that’s at the core of the lyrics. The grizzly bass and the build-up of vocal layers make for the type of claustrophobic conclusion that few artists could deliver as well as Fiona does. – Matthew

Apple lends the gloriously-grounding DIY feel of Fetch The Bolt Cutters to this single commemorating the 10-and-a-bit-year anniversary of van Etten’s harmonious album of the same name. Shoutouts to the drums and hand percussion for just sounding so raw and real; fantastic. – Patrick

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