Fresh Music Friday: Thelma plum, king gizz, fka twigs, taylor swift


Amy Brooke, Nina Mountford and Sarah Cutter-Russell dish out their hot takes on some fresh new tracks!

Thelma Plum – Better In Blak

Amy: This is an important self-love piece and the whimsical beats paired with the truthful lyrics make this song well worth adding to your playlist.

Nina: Boppy, catchy and empowering, this is the perfect song to turn your boring morning commute to uni into the funky new music video that everyone is talking about – this may be my Autumn anthem.

Sarah: Loving this! It’s so great to hear a local artist producing such a catchy, fun and interesting track. It’s the kind of song that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – The Bird Song

Amy: Our favourite, confusingly long-named Australian psych-rock boys are back, and this track has it all; this groove was what I wanted to hear before I knew I wanted to hear it.

Nina: Almost jazzy, certainly fun, it’s a little bit of a different sound for King Gizz but it’s still got their staple iconic bass, I’m way into it.

Sarah: Yas we stan a strong piano backing! It’s not my new favourite, but KG&TLW have certainly intrigued me with this new and funky song which keeps the listener on their toes.

FKA Twigs – Cellophane

Amy: A haunting and amazingly artistic piece.

Nina: The piano, slow droning and breathy lyrics seem like a paired back version of FKA twigs’ previous songs that reminds me of some of Ryn Weaver’s stuff. I was unsure at first but as soon as those drones came in I was sold, m’m a fan.

Sarah: This is such a beautiful track – it literally gave me chills. The vocals are stunning and every note and lyric resonates with memories that many listeners will have buried deeply: to fully understand you simply have to listen to it!

Taylor Swift – Me!

Amy: This interesting partnership has the production sparkle of Swift painted all over it, I anticipate forgetting about this song for the meantime, and then asking myself ‘why do I know all the words to this?’ around six months later.

Nina: Picture this, you’re at a party, you hear the first line of this song, there are screams of excitement and everyone runs to the dance floor à la Shake it Off: This song is the self confidence anthem to ring in another era of Taylor dominating the pop scene. We’ll learn to love that cringy ‘spelling is fun’ line I’m sure.

Sarah: Controversially I’m not always a big Taylor fan but I don’t actually mind her latest work – this song is what you’d expect, with a catchy tune, and a love undertone. It’s a bit sickly sweet but it’s definitely going to be stuck in my head for days.

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