Uninspired Bill Clinton Meme Posted To Story Fails To Fill Void In Music Enthusiast’s Life

Local ‘music enthusiast’ Matrick Pckenzie’s recent post to his Instagram story has singlehandedly defied absolutely no expectations. Despite his own projections that the post would somehow fill the existential bleakness of his languid existence reality it seems, had other plans.

Of Pckenzie’s 120 followers only 30 or so were reported to have actually seen the story before it was taken down 18 hours after it was posted due to a lack of engagement with the prospective musical tastemaker’s deeply-considered choices. Witnesses to the story reported that viewings of the meme “added nothing of value to their day” and was arguably “the blandest most unoriginal 15 seconds of my life” and that they have since unfollowed Pckenzie.

A close friend of Pckenzie, who wishes to remain anonymous, said “I’m not really sure what he was thinking, not only is it an outdated meme but also like, who puts Flower Boy in their top four of all time when Cherry Bomb was clearly more of a landmark release.”

Attempts to reach out to Pckenzie for comment have unfortunately failed to eventuate in any meaningful response. However, data collated from Pckenzie’s Spotify profile link in his bio has revealed that Schmick’s recently-played tracks have seen a 50% uptake in Mac Demarco since the incident, in what can only be conjectured as an attempt to console himself.

As of the time of reporting, Pckenzie appears to be blocking any user found mentioning the meme on any of his posts. It appears that no amount of contextually-themed spotify playlists with clever titles will be able to heal this wound.

James Wily
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