Revue’d: Commerce Revue – In The Red

Well here we are everyone: Revue Season. As we continue to scramble for tickets to see Sydney Uni’s most talented and most extroverted grace the Seymour Centre stages, I was lucky enough to begin the season watching In the Red: Commerce Revue 2017.

As soon as we entered the Everest theatre the cast was already buzzing around meeting and greeting the audience in character – and the energy was infectious. Harriet Lugsdin, with a heavy Brooklyn accent, said to me as I took my seat: “Nice legs toots, what time do they open?” Needless to say, I knew I was in for an interesting few hours.

The opening number was wonderfully executed – whilst comically exploring the after-effects of an economic downturn, it definitely inflated the audience’s spirits (see what I did there?). A special mention must also go to AV producer Nick Harriott – from a disturbing Bubble O’ Bill experience to Danni Paradiso’s both horrifying and hilarious portrayal of a pageant mum, these short features never failed to make the audience laugh.

The sketches that filled the rest of the show bubbled with enthusiasm from the cast. They had the audience in stitches at everything from dancing teeth to severed limbs to a fetish for “lanky boys”. Abbey Lenton’s song about talking to animals that end up at the butcher is a must have for my Summer Spotify playlist, and a sketch about Inner Health Plus went down an absolute treat on the night.

The large amount of talent evident on stage was extremely impressive, and the enthusiasm carried from sketch to sketch is what made this production so enjoyable. Directors Tom Waddell and Jess Zlotnick have set a high standard for the revue season and they also reminded me of what revues are really all about: exploring comedy with a group of talented people. Oh, and also that jokes about Harry Potter are just never going to get old