Fresh Music Saturday: Sampa the Great, D’Arcy Spiller, DICE

A special edition of Fresh Music Friday brought to you from the vaults, a time capsule of music history dated way back to July 1st. This time it’s our fabulous duo of Katerina Butler and Alex Vardanega who are reaching back through time to cover the (once upon a time) latest hits from Sampa the Great, D’Arcy Spiller, and DICE. Enjoy – this weekend you are being TREATED.

Never Forget – Sampa the Great

[Feat. Chef 187, Tio Nason, Mwanje]

Kat: A gorgeous expression of cultural prise from Sampa the Great follows her success at Glastonbury last weekend. A collaboration between fellow Zambian artists Mwanjé, Chef 187 and Tio Nason, the song references Zamrock from the 1970s and incorporates English and Zambian lyrics. Well produced with a great mix between vocals and instrumentals, this song should be added to all dance playlists immediately!

Alex: Never Forget is by far my favourite track of this week. It has such a wonderful atmosphere that’s brought alive by the real drums and synth elements supplementing the trap beat. Sampa sounds as great as she did on her debut album and Tio knocks it out of the park with his feature. If you’re a fan of contemporary African beats like Onipa’s “We No Be Machine”, you’ll fall in love with this track.

[Niamh: I know I’m meant to be the behind-the-scenes creator here, but just wanted to pop in to say Sampa the Great has never once missed and everyone should a) watch this MUSIC VIDEO and b) listen to her specially curated playlist from her Opera House performance An Afro Future right this minute.]

Crave – D’Arcy Spiller

Kat: D’arcy Spiller seems to have sprung out of nowhere with this dance track. With what my Dad would call a ‘wall of sound’ style of mixing in the chorus contrasted by a more pared-back verse, this song replicates a tired pop formula. Vocals are somewhat buried in the mix but manage to rise above thanks to Spiller’s nasal voice. Overall, not my favourite song from this week.

Alex: Unfortunately this one didn’t really resonate as much as the others did. It has a really high production feel and trap hop beat that feels like a collab between Imagine Dragons and Tones and I. If you enjoy either of those artists, I reckon that’ll you’ll enjoy this song too.

The Search – DICE

Alex: This one filled me with an odd sense of nostalgia as it feels like it was plucked straight from Arctic Monkeys’ B-sides. It’s got a great sense of rhythm and really strong guitar lines that give it really well-produced feel even though it’s just a 4 piece band. My only critique is the guitar solo 2/3s of the way through could have been more extravagant but apart from that I really enjoyed this one

Kat: A guitar-driven, typical rock tune, The Search comes from new Aussie band DICE. Lyrics about – you guessed it – searching for meaning are somewhat cliché but prove the band’s place in the revolving door of all male bands producing average music in Australia. An homage to the 2000’s Aus-rock tradition that would be welcome at the pub.

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