In the first Fresh Music Friday of the year, SURG looks at the latest crop of releases from Australian artists.

“Parachute” — RENNAN

Amy: My ears are being pulled in a multitude of directions, but I can’t quite determine if I like it or not.

Lawson: Rocky rappy. This drawl doesn’t do it for me.

Jamie: With an eclectic guitar beat and swinging, moody bars, Rennan has described the direction he’s taken on this track as experimental and risky – but I reckon it pays off.

“I Can’t Have Nice Things” — CXLOE

Amy: This is the kind of song that I would most likely hear on the store CD in my very average retail job – not for me.

Lawson: A taylor swift ripoff of “I did something bad!” This is why we can’t have nice things.

Jamie: Not alternative or edgy enough to be like Billie Eilish and lacking the production sparkle you’d expect from Taylor Swift. I Can’t Have Nice Things is enjoyable, but I’m just not sure about it.

“What About The 37°?” — Methyl Ethyl

Amy: This one is a winner – unique, smooth and well brought together.

Lawson: Like a dead artist’s discography Methyl Ethyl get better with each release.

Jamie: A very synthy little number from these Perth darlings that I’m not sure I like. The drums are a little jarring and the horns in the bridge are horribly distorted. There’s too much going on.

“Voss”— Ninajirachi

Amy: A mix between one of those help you sleep nature ASMR tracks and a nonspecific techno song – but I kind of want more?

Lawson: Nina has created her own Sophiesque housey bubbly trappop and i want more!

Jamie: Voss is wonderfully atmospheric but aggressive enough to ensure this’ll be gracing the decks of any Sydney DJ worth their salt. With its bitcrushed drums and jittery beat, it’s got a bit of an early 2000’s Aphex Twin sound about it.

“Wire Tap” — Vic August

Amy: This is the tune that restores my faith that Australian rap has a chance – this young artist has massive potential.

Lawson: Making me ‘tap’ my foot like a boy with no rhythm this song is a standout rap bop!

Jamie: Speaking of good Aussie rap… Very trappy in the best way possible, Wire Tap features sleek production and the young WA rapper in top form.