Fresh Music Friday: Ex-Olympian, Martyn Bootyspoon, Låpsley & Logic1000

Alec Cobbold, Thomas Lawes and Zander Czerwaniw simmer on Ex-Olympian’s debut single, a bouncy banger from Martyn Bootyspoon, and a remix bringing together two power players in pop and dance, Låpsley and Logic1000.

‘Voices In My Head’ – Ex-Olympian

Alec: Something new coming out of that unlikely gap between indie-rock and soul.

Thomas: This cute track gets busy at times, but delivers on some cool instrumentation and steady groove.

Zander: It’s kinda like a jumping castle; bouncy, fun and there’s an unexpected jazz breakdown at the end.

‘Lickety Split’ – Martyn Bootyspoon

Alec: Tongue-in-cheek tech roller from one of dance music’s more humorous figures. Looking good, feeling good, smelling good. Freestyle.

Thomas: Martyn Bootyspoon lives up to their name with a sexy club-ready track with a phat bass.

Zander: A bass heavy, repetitive sci-fi beat that energetically builds towards its crescendo.

‘Womxn (Logic1000 Remix)’ – Låpsley

Alec: Glistening deep-house, laced with elements of UK funky, from an obvious pairing of two leading lights from respective pop and electronic scenes.

Thomas: Despite its simple production, its dreamy, steady vibe takes centre stage.

Zander: While it’s an enjoyable collage of sounds to listen to, I can’t shake the feeling that something is missing.