Spotify to remove ScoMo’s curry mix, citing ‘promotion of harmful or dangerous activity’

Scotty from Marketing has taken a huge blow amid his Federal re-election run when Spotify removed his infamous curry mix.

The decision comes following growing concerns after the PM recently posted a photo of a severely undercooked chicken korma on his Instagram.

Spotify has been in hot water recently with a sweep of deletions, such as their takedown of Neil Young’s tracks after he dared to call out Joe Rogan’s dangerous fear mongering surrounding the vaccines.

Seemingly learning its lesson, the company has decided to part ways with the PM, removing his ‘Spicy Hits’ playlist this morning.

In a statement, Spotify CEO said the decision was made with “a heavy heart”, but was done “for the betterment of this country”.

“We simply can’t sit by and let thousands of Aussies think that this is how you cook curry. We already have enough to worry about with COVID, we don’t need a salmonella outbreak.”

Scott Morrison avoided comment, merely saying that “Jenny and the kids loved it”. Coincidentally, Jenny and the kids were bedridden for a week following the meal with an unknown illness the PM would rather not go into. More news to come.

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